Kate Foot

Licensee Salesperson

Kate is renowned for her natural ability to build relationships. It’s a skill she honed in her early working days working in the corporate environment and has since put into practice each day of her real estate career. Kate understands that no two clients, no two properties and no two transactions are ever the same. She takes the time to get to know every client and learn about their needs and desires, so she’s able to always tailor her service and achieve the best possible result every time.

For Kate, clients are for life rather than just a transaction and her ‘client first’ mindset is at the core of everything she does. She makes high-quality service look easy and seamless, and takes the time to nurture both sellers and buyers through every step of the process. 

Kate’s exceptional attention to detail, dynamic energy and impressive negotiation skills set her apart and have cemented her as the go-to agent.

You can always rely on Kate to say it like it is and it’s this straightforward approach, coupled with her reputation for providing honest, trusted advice, that has seen her enjoy an unparalleled level of loyalty. Her clients are her raving fans and that’s why they seek out her services again and again.

You can visit her website www.katefoot.co.nz to get a lot more information about her services.

Qualifications include:

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration - Victoria University, Wellington

National Certificate of Real Estate - Branch Managers

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